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Archive for May 2014



To all writers, my message today is, DON’T GIVE UP. It has taken me almost ten years off and on to get my book to completion. There were times I would rather do the dishes or the laundry, than sit down to that annoying ever present computer screen.

Today I am working on the final galley of my manuscript—at least, I hope it is the FINAL galley. Though MONASTERY TO MATRIMONY, A WOMAN’S JOURNEY, was the main book I wanted to write, I know the next one will be easier. I will actually follow the advice I had received from speakers at conferences, other writers, writing group critiques. I am passing that advice on to you:

o   Don’t edit as you write—just get the first draft done.

o   Don’t revisit and rewrite yesterday’s writing—move on.

o   Schedule a daily writing routine—then follow it.

o   Join critique groups—listen to feedback.

o   Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite again.

o   Ask people you trust to read it and give an honest opinion.

o   Pay a proofreader/editor to work it over.

o   DO NOT submit to a publisher, magazine, or anywhere until you have checked and rechecked every line, every word.





It’s been a long time since my last post. I have shamefully neglected my blog. Perhaps some of my followers are still out there. I welcome you back.

What can I say, life happened. Jumping to the bottom line – in May, 2013, I moved to The Villages, Florida with my rescue cat, Sammie. More about The Villages and Sammie later.

Through all the changes I have kept up with my writing. I had promised to share my pursuit of writing and  publishing my manuscript, and I still will, but I will have to backtrack and fill in the blanks.

As of this summer, I will have my first book published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing in California. After much searching of self-publishing sources, from the simple to the complex, Balboa seemed the best fit for my book and for me.

Monastery to Matrimony, A Woman’s Journey, my memoir, will become a reality soon. I promise to keep you posted, and let you know the steps on my path to publication.