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Nearly every day I receive a picture, an email, or message about someone who is reading my memoir, Monastery to Matrimony.

Joan Buckles, a Board Member of COPE, Children of Pokot Education, sent a picture holding my book at the ICOM, International Conference on Missions in Columbus, OH. She was reading the book while working the COPE booth last weekend.  COPE was founded and is directed by Barb O’Donohue. Under her direction, COPE educates and feeds over 650 children.  Food is scarce. Books are shared. Donations are always welcome.

Ginger Manley sent a picture from England where she was reading Monastery to Matrimony.  Mike, from Impact Publishing in Wisconsin wrote that he enjoyed the book, commenting he learned more about nuns from my memoir than he ever learned from his 90-year old aunt who was a nun ’til she died. The book reveals what it was like behind convent walls in the 50s and 60s. Robin Spychalski sent a Florida beach picture where she enjoyed the read in August.  That book gets around.

Where are you as you read Monastery to Matrimony? Send pictures from far and near as you read about my journey.

Joan Buckles

Joan Buckles


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