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What a novel idea! If you can’t write a whole novel, why not be part of writing a group novel. What’s a group novel? It is a novel written by several people.

One of the writing groups where I live – in The Villages, FL – have joined together several writers  to complete a novel where each individual contributes a chapter to the book.

Allen Watkins wrote the first chapter of a romance novel, but he never wrote the conclusion. No need, since there are 70 other authors from the area writing the rest of the book.

Watkins said, “It was interesting, because you’re writing in the blind. You don’t know what the person before or after you wrote. One person maps out the plot, writes character descriptions, and gives each author direction as to what their chapter is to do for the novel. Then he leaves the rest to them.

Chapters are read and feedback is given at the weekly meeting. Katie Lewis, a reporter for The Villages paper was excited to be invited to  join the group for her first novel-writing experience.

I see this as a perfect project for LWC, my previous writing group in Spring Hill, TN, an energetic creative group of serious writers. LWC could be the nucleus of writers while offering an invitation to other authors in the area. Of course, final editing would probably fall to Karen Aldridge, a professional editor and director of LWC.

What an interesting way to introduce writing prompts. It is a continuing exercise in following a plot and developing characters.

Let me know if you try this idea.



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