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I am experiencing many great marketing events lately.

This week a film crew came to my home to shoot a video promoting my book Monastery to Matrimony, A Woman’s Journey. First I was interviewed on camera by Monica who focused on general questions about writing: Is it my passion? What did you hope to accomplish? Why did I choose to self-publish? What advice do you have for those considering publishing? After the interview,  Josh, the videographer, filmed me in different settings where I wrote in my home.

They wanted my cat, Sammie in the picture, so I roused her from her sleep on the lanai, brought her in to sit on my lap while I attempted typing on my laptop. Her favorite annoyance when I wrote on my desktop computer was to jump up on the desk and lay across the keyboard. Cats love to be in the center of activity.

Sammie is sometimes exasperating, but I tolerate the old girl’s need for attention because she is TWENTY-ONE years old this month. She came to my rescue after I lost my husband; I needed her company and someone to care for. I rescued her when she had to leave her home after seventeen years with the same family. I figured who else would want such an old cat. We are two seniors enjoying each others company.

Today I will be interviewed on another online radio show. Tami Urbanek, author of Loving Conner, expressed interest in having me on her  show, Journey For Truth.

 Marketing is an essential part of publishing a book. Writing is gratifying and challenging, but marketing is a necessity. There is no satisfaction in having boxes of books collecting dust in the garage. I actually enjoy promoting my book. I find talking to people at book signings, interviews, and speaking opportunities rewarding. In speaking, I not only talk about writing the book, I also share “The Steps to Moving Forward in Life.”

Watch for my video on my website. Listen to my online radio interview on Tami’s show which will air October 27.





3 Responses to “SAMMIE, MY CO-WRITER”

  • The interviews I have heard or seen have been rich in filling in more about Mary Ann the person, as well as Mary Ann the author. Both are not only interesting but have lessons to teach us all. I’ll be watching and listening to all the interviews.

  • Would love to read your steps to moving forward with life. I think those lessons are some of the most valuable in your book. Can we expect an article or essay on that topic soon? (Or did I miss it somehow??)

    • :

      You haven’t missed an essay on “moving forward in life.” I think I will be more likely to speak to the topic than write a full essay.

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