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Writing a book is a major accomplishment. Getting it published takes a double major effort. Then marketing it once published is a forever project. How many times do you hear of people who self-publish a book, order hundreds of copies, and leave them stacked in their garage or closet never to see the light of day.

I was determined not to do that. I felt if it was worth writing, I had to believe it was worth reading. I knew I could not work hard enough, nor would I live long enough, to give it the exposure it needed, so I solicited the help of public relations personnel. As a result, the book is being recognized far and wide. I am trusting that the recognition will result in sales.

Yesterday, I had the fun experience of being interviewed on the Christian Television Network. I appeared on the show Homekeepers with Arthelene Rippy. She devoted a full eighteen minutes to enthusiastic promotion of my book, Monastery to Matrimony. Her questions were focused and tantalizing to viewers. Her genuine interest and curiosity about my convent life will no doubt prompt people to search for my book. She made it known that it is available through Balboa, my publisher,, e-books, or directly from me at  The studio taping was in Largo, FL and will air during the week of October 6, 2014.  The program can be seen on the Christian Television Network out of Tampa, FL. It will be readily available to audiences with sattelite reception on the CTN channel. It will also be on my website.  See the SCHEDULE page on my website for other marketing activities.

The more books that are sold, the more I can contribute to the COPE Fund. The ministry for educating children in Pokot, Kenya, Africa—Children of Pokot Education—receives a portion of the proceeds from sales of Monastery to Matrimony.


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