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1425741_10204728174263956_566161260933187896_nWhen I look at Facebook and see a post of my neighbor Robin sitting at the beach with my memoir propped in her lap, I think, Who knew it would be a beach read.

Robin’s comment, “It was hard for me to put it down,” reminds me of why I pursued my dream of writing the story of my twenty years in the convent.

With many friends, business associates, and even strangers, who learned of my former life, I found a recurring curiosity about the convent. To a person, they were surprised that I would have been a nun. Guess I didn’t fit the image—maybe because they knew me as an interior designer. A litany of questions always followed: What was it like? How long were you there? And always ultimately, the tough question—Why did you leave?

Most questions were easy to answer, but the “Why did you leave?” question always left me hedging my response. It was a simple question, but it had a complex answer. One I couldn’t adequately explain in a sound bite. The answer is filled with emotions that needed to be put to rest. It called for soul searching if I was to get it right. I knew it was time for me to share my convent life experiences and address my own feelings about the occurrence that set me on the decision-making path to leave the convent. The answer would be as much for me as for others.

Thus the book was incubated.

Since the publication of Monastery to Matrimony  in July, 2014, I can now legitimately say, “The answer to that one is in the book.”


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