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Publishing your book is just the first step. Next you must let people know about it. It does you no good to spend years writing a book only to order copies and keep them in your closet.

I began the promotion process by announcing the pending arrival of the book on Facebook. Preorders were taken and filled when the box of books ordered arrived. I held an “Opening-the-Box” party at my house for the neighbors who anticipated the book. They brought flowers and wine. We took pictures and toasted the event with champagne. Then I began a whirlwind of booksignings during a two-week tour through Tennessee and Illinois. Former writing groups hosted two of the signings, a third was hosted by a friend at a private house party. To announce the signings, I sent advance press releases to newspapers in the areas. In addition, the schedule of dates, times, and locations were announced on my website and on Facebook.

Back home again, I will continue looking for ways to promote the book at book stores, churches, clubs, or anywhere there is an interest. I generously hand out bookmarks, business cards, and post cards. I will utilize social media in everyway I possibly can. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter @maweakley


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