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Welcome to my Blog


The writings in this blog will vary as my day to day life varies.


I’ll share the progression of my writings,

tips on writing

and books I have found helpful in writing.

My life with a rescue cat may appear now and then;

we rescued each other.

I’ll try to make an entry at least once a week.

November 16,2010


When I first started writing I joined a writers group to see what real writers did. I felt like a groupy hanging around celebrities; I didn’t claim to be a writer. A writer friend asked, “Do you write? Then you’re a writer.” That lifted the guilt burden of taking up space in the writing group. When I started writing seriously, I subscribed to writing magazines—Writer’s Digest and The Writer. I devoured articles on all “How To” subjects, which is nearly the full content of these magazines. Articles by famous and not-yet-famous authors inspired me. As my writing progressed my focus advanced from grammar tips to first-line tips to character development and story telling. I absorbed every piece of writing I could find on line and in print on writing query letters and book proposals. I am now studying and venturing into the social media avenue. Writing down the words is easy in a way; the nuts and bolts of writing can be laborious but rewarding.

13 Responses to “Welcome to my Blog”

  • Congratulations on your new Blog Mary Ann! I hope you have lots of fun with it. :o)

  • What a classy website, Mary Ann. I feel honored to have traveled with you on some of your journeys through life. Good luck with the book publishing phase.

  • Joan Cook:

    Great web site! Love the colors even. I recognize the photo with the rainbow on your forehead. I’m eager to see you next week.
    This is the 1st blog I’ve ever responded to. You see, you inspire people! Nothing new, really. (I don’t care for this font. How do I change it?)

    • Should I leave the rainbow picture? I was just trying to change it and I completely deleted it on the blog page. The picture on the home page is of our pond on Pratt Lane.

  • Joan Cook:

    When I hit submit, it changed the font! Amazing.
    But it says 6:34pm and it’s 11:34 am in Colorado! What gives with that?

  • Joan Cook:

    Definitely keep the rainbow picture!! Charming and whimsical!

  • Phyllis McMurray:

    Congratulations on your website, Mary Ann. It’s interesting and full of great resources. Keep up the good work!

  • Joan Cook:

    Enjoyed your recounting of your New Year’s Eve in Nashville. I hope you didn’t have to drive home after. Sounds like a great evening.
    Sheila and I went to a program designed to introduce us to Facebook. Terrible presentation – too disorganized for me but I did learn a few things. Haven’t yet decided to join the Facebook ranks but probably will one of these days.

    • Great evening! First time I have seen the New Year in in years. A shuttle bus took us from Franklin to the door of the symphony center.

  • Joan Cook:

    Mary Ann, I just read your story of the tornado. I had never known the story. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Felt like I was there. It’s a miracle you all survived with so few injuries. Thanks.

    • Amazing, too, I am not afraid of severe impending tornados. Respect them, but I don’t panic at a strong wind. Thanks to Mom. She probably had fears, but she didn’t impart it to me.

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