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To all writers, my message today is, DON’T GIVE UP. It has taken me almost ten years off and on to get my book to completion. There were times I would rather do the dishes or the laundry, than sit down to that annoying ever present computer screen.

Today I am working on the final galley of my manuscript—at least, I hope it is the FINAL galley. Though MONASTERY TO MATRIMONY, A WOMAN’S JOURNEY, was the main book I wanted to write, I know the next one will be easier. I will actually follow the advice I had received from speakers at conferences, other writers, writing group critiques. I will pass that advice on to you:

o   Don’t edit as you write—just get the first draft done.

o   Don’t revisit and rewrite yesterday’s writing—move on.

o   Schedule a daily writing routine—then follow it.

o   Join critique groups—listen to feedback.

o   Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite again.

o   Ask people you trust to read it and give an honest opinion.

o   Pay a proofreader/editor to work it over.

o   DO NOT submit to a publisher, magazine, or anywhere until you have checked and rechecked every line, every word.


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